General points


We aim to promote good behaviour by recognising and rewarding it.

Our philosophy is that each child has a part to play in a caring community where care, courtesy and respect for all members of the community are of paramount importance.

We have a clear behaviour policy focused on positive reinforcement and if any child’s behaviour gives cause for concern it is a matter of policy that parents will be informed and involved in finding a solution for that concern.

Absence from school

Children will only make good progress at school if they have good levels of attendance.
If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please telephone or call into the school office by 9:30am on the first day of absence, so that we know why your child is not in school.

If your child is ill, please do not bring them into school. We have a set of guidelines issued by the local Health Authority that state how long children need to be kept at home for specific illnesses and we do follow these guidelines carefully, to ensure the well-being of all. If your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea at home you must exclude them from sessions for at least 48 hours after recovery.

If you need to take your child out of school for a medical appointment, you will need to come to the school office and sign your child out. If the appointment takes place first thing in the morning, then please phone the office as before and then sign them in at the office on their return to school.

We discourage children to be removed from school for unnecessary absences during term time. We are unable to authorise absences from school, unless in exceptional circumstances, however, this request must be made in advance on a S2 Absence Request Form that is available from the school office.


If your child needs to take medicine for some reason during the school day, then this can be done at the school office. You will need to fill in a permission slip and the office staff will then dispense the medicine. We are only able to dispense medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor. We are not able to give your child medicines that you have bought over the counter.

Stain removal

Your child will take part in a lot of practical activities during their time at school. We will do our very best to ensure that they keep as clean as possible by making them wear an apron during any messy activities. However, there may be the odd accident when paint or glue gets onto clothes. In these cases, we advise that you first wash the item in cold water to remove the glue or paint, before you wash it in warm water.

General points